Sunday, October 3, 2010


Welcome to this new school year which is so important for you.
I hope you'll enjoy the subject but, especially, I hope you'll love English as a language.
Click here:

Here you are 4 university-entry exams you'll have to hand in:


  1. Click on the link above.
  2. Go to "Lengua Extranjera II (Inglés)" and to exams 2009.
  • Exam 1 "In Britain, some teachers..." -------- 15th October
  • Exam 2 "No child should ever be..." -------- 27th October
  • Exam 3 "Natural disasters" -------- 12th November
  • Exam 4 " A 'zero waste' community" -------- 24th November

This link will also appear in the column on the right under the title "Doing exams".

Good luck!