Monday, November 26, 2012

Agony Aunt

According to the Wikipedia, an Agony Aunt is an advice columnist, that is, a person who gives advice to readers' problems in a newspaper or magazine.

The image presented was originally of an older woman providing comforting advice and maternal wisdom, hence the name "aunt".

Have a look at the following problems related to addiction:

1) Spendaholic fears rejection:

2) Addicted, in debt and engaged:

Now, it's your turn to become an Agony Aunt:

1. First, click on this webquest site:

2. Click on "Process and Resources" and think about the questions from Activity 1.

3. Move on to Activity 2, read the letters and fill in the vocabulary sheet with the highlighted expressions.

4. Write a letter describing a problem you have. You can choose from the following topics:

  • I can't stop thinking about him/her.

  • I'm in love with a guy/girl but he's going out with my best friend.

  • I'm a shopaholic / workaholic / alcoholic / chocaholic / sexaholic.

  • I don't get on with my parents. We are always arguing.

5. Follow the models you have already seen and the model letter you can find in your book, page 38.

6. Write:
  • from 80 to 150 words.

  • use idioms and phrasal verbs (underline them).

  • use at least 5 different modal verbs (underline them)

  • don't forget connectors, paragraphs, margins and indentations!

7. Hand in your final work. It must contain:

  1. The answers to the questions from Activity 1.

  2. The vocabulary sheet with the expressions in their correct column.

  3. The letter.

  4. Agony Aunt's advice.